Don’t move home in the middle of a pandemic unless it’s to an MH Stainton Home!

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We were delighted to receive this amazing testimonial recently. Don’t take our word for it – have a read of the below!

“We have recently purchased a property in the Broadway in Morecambe. I’m not going to reiterate what has been said elsewhere on this website about the quality of the build, finish and fittings. All I will say is that it is well worth while taking a couple of minutes to watch the video of Gerry and Dianne Farrell extolling the virtues of the development and say that I agree with every word.”

“What I would like to describe is the whole experience of dealing with the team at MH Stainton homes. Our first contact was with Gerry and Dianne, the agents. In other developments that we had visited in our search for an apartment in which to begin our new lives we had felt under pressure from the agents to decide, immediately, as to whether we wished to purchase. The only pressure at the Broadway came from the apartment itself. Within seconds of walking into the lounge area we both knew that it was perfect for us. We asked if a deposit was expected (at an unrelated development we had been asked for a reservation fee of £2k when we expressed an interest). We were told not then but to return the following week when the paperwork would be dealt with. In retrospect it was almost an unofficial cooling off period. We thought that this was unique to Gerry and Dianne but it is the ethos of the whole company.”

“When you buy an MH Stainton Home, you are not treated as a client but as a much-loved member of the family. Circumstances dictated that we had to move during lockdown. As the apartment had not been previously occupied that was permissible but could have been fraught with difficulties. Gerry and Dianne actually did the pre-handover cleaning as the regular cleaners were furloughed. We will be forever grateful to them (and they did a superb job). Angela was a constant source of support and we even had a phone call from Michael Stainton apologising for the fact that the additional works we had requested couldn’t be completed until lockdown was over. A wonderful gesture and indicative of the values of the company (especially as I am certain that Covid-19 is not of his making).”

“Now that the lockdown is easing, the work we needed doing is almost complete. Angela has given us advance warning of the tasks to be completed and ensured that it was convenient for us. The members of the workforce we have met have been delightful and very skilled. I single out Donovan and Sam only because they are here at the moment. Last week we had a visit from the site manager Mark, who seemed genuinely concerned that everything was to our satisfaction and that we were enjoying our new home. If I say that we sit each evening and gaze over the bay and ask each other “aren’t we lucky” that should answer the question.”

“One final point. For some reason we made an overpayment during the transaction. We had no idea. Gail Stainton picked it up and immediately arranged a refund. That is service. I am minded of the saying that, in life, you get what you pay for. With MH Stainton Homes, we think that you actually get more.”

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